To Enhance Beauty


For those of you who didn’t know, I did blog in a previous life.

If you’re curious about what I thought about in my early college days, that blog is for you. There are a few recent posts too but it became like my journal, an occasional post about my current life.

Now, I’m looking for a new, creative outlet. Something I can write and publish on. Something that can force me to do more than work and study. Something to push me to be adventurous.

Since marrying a musician who works in Austin (aka creative capital of the world) and surrounds himself with talented friends and colleagues, I have found myself yearning for something to create. I want to add some creativity to my otherwise science and sports filled life of Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology (which I do love). I love working at my school and caring for my athletes and cheering them on. I love fitness and learning about it and telling other people about it. Those two things are the basis of who I am but so is creating (as demonstrated by the embroidery floss bracelets of my youth).

I had toyed with the idea of continuing the old blog with a different flair but after reading this post on instagram this morning (from a friend and one of Martin’s creative colleagues), I decided to continue the old blog was no longer possible. I needed a fresh start. Something to make the day-to-day world not more bearable but to enhance the beauty of it.

The heart of my old blog was found in my sophomore and junior years of college where softball and school were life. My hardest decision those days were what sweatpants to wear that day (#studentathletelyfe). I’ve reminisced over those posts lately and they truly are me. The posts about the braids, the headbands, the books… even this post. I have definitely changed though as the later posts reflect. This blog will represent the newest Emily of sorts, the “adult” one (The term “adult” is used loosely).

I encourage you to stick around because I have yet to decide which way this blog will go. You and I can discover that together. Time to create!


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