Fitness Attire

Recently, I’ve read articles about women and their clothing. They were viral articles posted on Facebook or shared by other bloggers. Two camps exist:

1: Women can wear whatever they want as long as it makes them feel good. It doesn’t matter what men or anyone else thinks. i.e. the recent discussion about high-waisted shorts
2: Woman should be completely conscious of what they wear because it can be seen as a temptation or degrading to their husbands. i.e the debate about leggings

Everyone has their own opinions. I see value in both points of view but my one beef is with fitness women and how they portray themselves on social media. I follow several fitness accounts on IG and I find it rather degrading that the only way to show off you work out is with a itsy-bitsy bra on and spandex shorts riding up your butt. Don’t your muscles hidden under tight clothing say enough? What ever happened to tanks and leggings or tanks and shorts? At least cover up a little bit. It’s even worse when you find women like that prancing around the gym in sports bra and negative inseam spandex shorts in real life. It’s distracting. The gym is awkward enough. You’re hot and sweaty (usually), you might not have even showered, and every movement you do can basically be perceived as a sexual innuendo.

Sweat is not an excuse. (Let’s be real. Most of the time those dressed like this aren’t even sweating and have their hair down in the gym)

I’ve also found fitness accounts where women take shots of their body in this ensemble and their head is not in the picture. Doing this removes the personal aspect from it and objectifies the body. Yet, when a woman gets cat-called on the street she is offended?

It also does not help that “athleisure” is now a thing and that nike even uses barely clothed models (yes I still want to be one). Workout DVD’s are sold by how hot the body is on the front and that bodybuilding competitors are judged in speedos and bikinis.

Maybe I’m an old prude and not accepting of this “trend” but at least have a little bit of pride in your body. You are worth more than a headless picture in tights and a tiny sports bra without any support.

In conclusion, show off your toned arms with tanks #flexfriday. Wear leggings to show off your hot legs #legday. Post workout selfies #sweatyselfie. Take a mirror pic #gymflow. Be proud of your progress #progress. But remember to choose your ensemble carefully.


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