The Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and I am excited! The wintery weather here lately helps too. Although the pup doesn’t like it because he goes on like negative walks now because I don’t want to brave it more than I have to.

Well since the holiday season is upon us, I have started to plan what I’m going to cook for Thanksgiving and what I am going to buy for Christmas (also what I want) and it got me thinking about how materialistic the holidays make me.

This past summer I went back to SC for about a month a half. I flew southwest which gives you two free checked bags. I was able to bring a good amount of clothes but definitely a fraction of my normal closet. During this time, I realized how little I really needed to function on a day-to-day basis and never grow tired of wearing what I had. Granted I did get a few new pieces while I was there but nevertheless, I realized how much STUFF I had, not necessarily junk or bad clothes just STUFF. When I returned to TX, I silently vowed to lessen my wardrobe and try and not buy frivolous stuff. Getting rid of a few things and not buying anything unnecessary was pretty easy from August till about October then we went shopping for Martin’s birthday present and that all changed.

(Confession) I really like getting presents and I really like giving presents but I really like getting them.

So since I’ve set foot back into a mall, my stifled materialistic side has re-blossomed and it’s painful. I started writing my Christmas list before Thanksgiving (which I try not to do; one holiday at a time people) and I’ve started scouring the internet not for recipes or money saving tips, but for things that would make a basic girl giggle with glee. I have become ashamed. Therefore, I am not silently vowing this time but making a verbal (technically, a written??) proclamation that this year…

I will focus on being grateful.

I will focus on giving not getting.

This is my holiday vow.


2 thoughts on “The Holiday Season

  1. Christmas is a time to rejoice about gifts. Mainly one special gift was born in a manger and so freely given.
    The joy of Christmas is seeing the sparkle in the eyes of your children and wading through the list to see what to buy. Being materialistic once a year is not a bad characteristic. It is expected and for this mom… I love the list!


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