As the Whirlwind Subsides

WHEW! That was a busy month and a half.

For those who were wondering, my Thanksgiving meal was wonderful if i do say so myself. I did learn a few lessons about cooking for Thanksgiving. 1: The dressing was dry. It needed more broth or something. 2: Pumpkin pies take forever to cook.

Martin and I loaded up the pup and drove Christmas Eve night to SC following his church services. The drive was long but we made it in time to eat a delicious Christmas dinner with my folks and open presents on Christmas day. This year was the first year we hadn’t spent Christmas morning at our respected parents’ homes but I think it worked out the way we did it. I was thankful that my siblings were patient enough to wait until 7 pm to open their presents with us. It made the transition a little easier. We gallivanted around the state a few times to more family and friends then packed and headed by to Texas.The drive back seemed a little longer because we didn’t have delicious food, good company, and presents waiting for us. We’re back in town settling back into our routine.

Unfortunately, even though we went half-way across the country for Christmas, I’m itching for a new adventure. We’ll have to see what the husband and I can cook up before Spring because I don’t know if I can wait that long. Also, maybe just finding a new recipe would also help my need to do something different and let  me make it to Spring when we can go camping again and not freeze.

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