DIY Weekend

Yesterday, Martin and I rearranged our living room. We were inspired by my homemade blueberry muffins, the warmer weather, and Martin’s need to make room for his new studio equipment. We live in a one bedroom apartment so the living room has many functions that now includes a recording studio. We moved the place where we usually keep the dog’s leash and other knick knacks. I felt like I had to travel too far to get the pup’s lease so I decided we needed a coat rack. We had tried the 3M hooks without much luck and we had a bunch of pallet wood lying around. Plus, I thought to buy one would be just as expensive as making one. So instead of going to church, I went to the home improvement store and bought supplies. Here is the finished product.

I had:
Pallet wood
Sawtooth picture hangers

I bought:
A sample of paint (I choose a minty blue)
Three hooks
A medium grit sandpaper block
A paint brush

Then I went home and got to work. I cut the board to 18″. I chose to leave the sides not completely straight. I sanded it. Then, painted the front and four sides; I didn’t bother with the back. I went to dinner and let it dry. I figured out where I wanted the hooks and pre-drilled holes. Then, I screwed the hooks in. I used a smaller screw then what came with the hooks because the other ones were too long. Use what works best for you. Finally, I nailed in the picture hangers on the back and put it on the wall. Super easy and it didn’t take too long at all. What did you do this weekend?



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