Happy Valentines!

I don’t usually care about Valentine’s Day. Why? Maybe it stems from elementary school or something. I’m not really sure.

This Valentine’s week was extra special though. Last week, I got two cards in the mail. One from my mom with a gift card to Chili’s in it (thanks Mom!) and one from my sisters (thanks Sisters!). Then, on Tuesday, I won a giveaway on instagram (more on that later). Then, today, Martin took me to see the movie, Kingsman. It was really good. It’s worth seeing in theaters; I would suggest you go see it. He also bought me white roses, wine, and those iced sugar cookies that everyone hates to love. Those three things every woman needs in her life. My husband does such a good job. Right now, Martin has a cake cooking in the oven. My gift to him. Mathis even got to see his gf, Cressi, at the dog park today. I would say it has been a good Valentine’s this year.

Now to what I won…

As many of you know there are constant giveaways on instagram and luckily this week I won one! Needless to say, I was super pumped! It was a collaboration giveaway by these two sisters that I know back home, Casey Skinner and Lauren Burner. Recently, they opened Etsy shops. I was lucky enough to win two of Lauren’s crocheted mug cozies and and two “You’re my lobster” prints from Casey’s store. The phrase “you’re my lobster” is from a Friends episode. You know, Phoebe is always giving sound advice in her own kooky way.


I love both things!! They are super cute and really good quality. I got two of each. I’m going to keep one set to myself but I’m going to be giving the other items away as belated V-day gifts. I will definitely be purchasing things from these shops again. Not only are the sisters darling but they have some really great things. I already have my eyes on a few things…

If you want to visit their shops, you can find them on Etsy. Casey’s shop is Love Me Sweet and Lauren’s is Shop Lauren D Burner. They also have instagram pages. Maybe you could win the next great thing from these lovely sisters!


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