Spring Ideas

The weather in Texas is crazy.

A couple of weeks ago it was 75 and gorgeous. Then, that little groundhog said more winter and BOOM! Winter came. SHEESH.

The weather can’t keep a lady down though.

In between studying for comps and working, I have found time to dream about life after March 7th. After March 7th is here, I am done with the most stressful part of the semester and I can kick back and enjoy spring break and my upcoming graduation.

Since I have had to dream from inside the library, I have scrounged up a few things to inspire me until then. Some of the things that I have been enjoying are:

Spring Shoes

I’ve always wanted a pair of Birks and now that they’re coming back around, I might just have to get some. I can always justify them by saying they are quality that will last a while right? Also, I usually think of mocs as fall shoes but these mint green ones have changed my mind! You can never have too many moccasins.


Last year was a mildy successful year with my succulent until it met its untimely doom because of Mathis. Now I’m thinking about planting a few herbs. I saw this the other day, where they planted a succulent in a used candle jar. My house might be smelling quite foresty for a few days so I can use up my large candle jar. I guess I shouldn’t hurry though since the real spring hasn’t come yet.

See you on the other side of Spring Break!


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