Moving is Tough

Martin and I have taken the plunge and have moved to the other coast. We now reside just north of Seattle. I took a job here working for a physical therapy clinic as an athletic trainer. I am really excited about the job and the opportunities that are open to me or maybe its just the idea of a real paycheck (probably a combination of both). We’ve been here almost two weeks and sometimes it still seems like were on vacation. We love our little house. It has a few issues but it works well for us. Mathis loves his new backyard and Martin has enough space to do his drum things.

Yet for all the great things, sometimes you wonder if it was the right thing.

Those thoughts have plagued my mind ever since I took the job here. Especially, when in the middle of the empty dog park I had a break down two days after moving here. I really miss Waco, Texas, and my friends there. We’re so far from South Carolina. I felt extremely lonely and unsure. Some days I still feel that way. Moving is tough.

For all my unsure feelings, this move kinda feels meant to be.

If we stayed in Texas, I would be unemployed and Martin would had have to give up his opportunities to tour this summer. Everything has just fallen into place here. I really like the people I work with. We somehow found a house that we love over the internet and in a place where most people live in apartments. The natural beauty here is incredible. On our way here, we say multiple rainbows. The rainbow was God’s promise to Noah and somehow I feel like it was a promise to us too.

It’ll take time to find the grocery store we like to shop at, the local places we like to eat, and my new favorite running trails but there’s something special about where we are and that’s something that can’t be manufactured or imagined.



One thought on “Moving is Tough

  1. You are growing into such a wonderful and beautiful woman. Moving is hard. I too have had my moments. Your family loves you and you will meet new friends that will be there forever! It takes time. Maybe longer than you expect however you and Martin are growing your life. Take it one day at a time and enjoy the promise of that time. Tomorrow is around the corner and instead of obstacles, it contains a wonderful adventure!! I love you! I am so proud of you!

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