Occasionally, an ordinary word you never would have thought about in any profound or deep way sticks with you. For me, it has been the word perspective and man, it is a doozie.

Perspective (n): a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view

This word has been coming up a lot lately.

This move hasn’t been the easiest, definitely not as enchanting as Texas. Martin and I have both been struggling, struggling to find the right balance, struggling to find the purpose. I think it is because I haven’t had the right perspective. I’ve been looking for instant gratification and happiness not joy. I thought a real job would bring more money for more pleasure. Rather, I just have more bills to pay and still sit at home during most of the time I am off.

I haven’t been looking at anything from God’s perspective.

During the sermon tonight, the pastor said that work in God’s eyes is to bring hope to others. Pleasure, by God’s definition, is wonderful and unexpected. We hold ourselves back from seeing things from God’s perspective because we are fearful or anxious or _______ (fill in the blank).

For me, it is fear. Fear has been a huge factor in my life for a long time, the fear of failure, the fear of injury, the fear of what others think.

I am making a choice to find my joy, in my current situation, by declaring that I am loved by my heavenly Father despite of my fear so that I may change my perspective.


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