Wonderfully Imperfect

It has been 10 months since the last time I’ve posted and man it has been a good 10 months. Don’t they say that the more a couple posts on social media, the less secure and healthy their relationship is? So I guess you can say that the last 10 months have been good considering my absence.

I have never been a super good blogger. It just takes too much time I suppose but because of the 3 extra likes and the 2 extra follows I got from using the #rvlife I have decided to give this another go.

It is interesting thinking about putting yourself out online or in publication (no matter how small). It takes a certain amount of guts because you’re saying “I think I have something important to say” and giving yourself that voice in a crowded space like the internet is conflicting. Conflicting due to ideas like “is it narcissistic” or “does what I have to say matter” or “why should I even do it” or “how will I be judged?”

But I think I have something to say.

In the instagram world of alternative living, I think my husband and I have a unique situation and I think its worth sharing.

It is worth sharing because we don’t live in a perfectly curated airstream or tiny home, our RV isn’t even renovated. We didn’t give up normal jobs to live full time in our RV and we are stationary the majority of the year except for a few planned trips. Our location doesn’t include incredible, jaw dropping backdrops. We didn’t perfectly plan any of this and were riding by the sit of our pants. It’s messy and imperfect but wonderfully ours.


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