Our Story, Part 1

We literally bought the RV on a whim.

When we lived in Washington state, Martin came back from a trip in Texas. He said one of his friends there had bought a RV and was going to move his family of four into it. Their reasoning was to save money to buy a house. I was skeptical.

Everyone thinks tiny homes are cute. They’re quaint and trendy but are they realistic? Plus doesn’t living in a RV make you trailer trash or something? The only RV roaming our street had seen in the last few months was what we thought was a homeless drug dealer. Was he actually homeless??

One Sunday, a week or so after his return, Martin says lets go look at RV’s so we went and the rest is history.

We did the math. We did the research (do people in their twenties live in RV’s full time?). We narrowed our searched to two trailers. We bought one two days after looking and a truck a week after that. I took a job offer in Texas and we packed up our 700 Sq. ft. rental house into our trailer, truck and Camry and caravaned back to Texas. That story is for another time.

Our reasoning for the trailer was that rental prices and housing prices are high in Western Washington so if we ever wanted to buy a  house, we were going to have to reduce our costs. Plus, we have student loans. Also, the PNW was too pretty not to have a more scenic location for our home. Seven hundred square feet was  also the largest house we had lived in as a married couple, and between that and work, it was never clean enough for my liking. Plus, we figured it would be a little cheaper and a larger range of people who might be interested in it if we ever wanted to sell it versus a tiny home. 

Finding the truck and trailer was an emotional and spiritual experience. I seriously think this specific combo was meant for us. Feelings and affirmation ya know? We had an idea that we might not just be moving into our new home but also to a new state but weren’t sure yet.


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