The Rig

Here is what we ended up purchasing…

28′ 2008 Dutchmen Komfort

1987 Chevy 3500 dually


Like I said in my earlier post, we bought the RV on a whim. Out of all of the RV’s we saw that day, we thought the inside of the one we picked was the most like an apartment. It was the first trailer I saw that felt like a house. Martin also liked the amount of width we got in this trailer due to its two slides – kitchen table and couch area in the living room and the closet in the bedroom.

Once you walk in the front door, you are looking at the living room. It came furnished with a sleeper couch and a recliner. The kitchen is u-shaped at the rear of the RV to your left and it came with a kitchen table and four chairs. To your right from the front door, our sliding door covers the bathroom and bedroom. It is kind of an open concept bathroom which we like because it feels less cramped than a typical RV bathroom. The whole shower where you pee thing kind of weirded me out. The toilet is in its own stall and the stand up shower and the sink sits out into the bedroom. There is an accordion door that separates the bathroom from the bed area if you need to use it. Our bed is full size but that was what we were sleeping on before we moved to the RV so we just brought our mattress with us.

The biggest changes we have made to the trailer is getting rid of what we don’t need. Since we ended up leaving Washington shortly after we purchased it, we got rid of the recliner to make more room for our belongings. Originally, we only had one dog and Martin had a larger composing station. In the last few months, we have gained another dog so we had to make room for a crate and Martin has been able to set his drum set in the trailer and condense his composing station to the place where the TV use to sit.

We lucked out purchasing a trailer that already came insulated for weather. Not all trailers are fully insulated or recommended for use in colder weather. This past winter wasn’t too bad. Also, it was fairly mild. We only had one week of weather truly below freezing. As long as you take the necessary precautions, you can live in your RV full time even in the winter.

We picked our truck purely because it could pull the trailer but we love it. We love the bench seating and how low it sits compared to more modern trucks. It’s big. We call it Moby Dick for a reason but when I drive it, I never feel like I’m driving something that big.

Initially, we had to put a large amount of work into it but the bones were good. It has a 454 engine which is a simple engine that can take a beating.

During this time, I took a job back in Texas so we packed up our rig and our Camry and moved half way across the country again.


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