Our Story, Part 2 – The Journey Back 

We had our rig, a job/relative location and a road ahead of us. We were ready to head back. Between excitement about our new house, the travel trailer, and about moving back to Texas, we were ready to go.

To preface, we were not entirely happy in Washington. I don’t know if it was the rain or the distance from home, home or the vast social differences. We just never felt at home like we had in Texas. Six months in we were ready to leave but I needed to finish my contract. Washington was an important year for us and our own personal stories.

We were only in Washington for 13 months. I did actually blog about our original move from Central Texas to Western Washington. You can read about it here. Martin’s dad and brother accompanied us on that trip but this one was a little more unanticipated so we did it ourselves. Plus, we had done it once so we could do it again.

Trying to leave Washington was trying…

We paid rent through July and I was suppose to start my new job August 1st. I put in my two weeks and was ready to get started but the truck needed a lot of unanticipated work. We also needed to have a yard sale and to get rid of Martin’s highlander. Then, we realized how important having the proper towing equipment is especially when pulling something as heavy as the trailer (with all of our stuff) for 2,000 miles. We ended up leaving two days after our originally scheduled departure date and we didn’t even leave till late into the afternoon. Literally, one new thing after another keep popping up. Our plan was to get to Oregon or Idaho that first day. We didn’t even make it out of Washington. Including being behind time wise, we had a blown tire in Oregon and there were times in the desert we weren’t sure we would make it. I also celebrated by 25th birthday on the road and I was hoping to stay in Moab for an extra day but with a shortened time line and how slow we were moving, we only saw it in the dark.

I had several unmet expectations on this trip. Wasn’t living tiny and on the road suppose to be fun? Wasn’t everything suppose to work out? Wasn’t it suppose to help you save money?

Three days into the trip, we started to hit our groove. We realized that the truck drank oil like an alcoholic so as long as it was kept full, we were golden. We had the best boondock experience at a Flying J in Albuquerque. We ate Denny’s back to back meals and after being well rested and well fed, we headed west towards Texas.

It took us 5 days of 12 hours of driving to get back to Texas but we made it by 2 o’clock the Sunday before I was suppose to start my job to our lot that we’re parked at now.

Yet, for all of the troubles and the tears shed on the side of a highway and sweat poured out, we would do it all over again. The rig was meant for us and so was this journey.



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