Our Story, Part 1

We literally bought the RV on a whim.

When we lived in Washington state, Martin came back from a trip in Texas. He said one of his friends there had bought a RV and was going to move his family of four into it. Their reasoning was to save money to buy a house. I was skeptical.

Everyone thinks tiny homes are cute. They’re quaint and trendy but are they realistic? Plus doesn’t living in a RV make you trailer trash or something? The only RV roaming our street had seen in the last few months was what we thought was a homeless drug dealer. Was he actually homeless??

One Sunday, a week or so after his return, Martin says lets go look at RV’s so we went and the rest is history.

We did the math. We did the research (do people in their twenties live in RV’s full time?). We narrowed our searched to two trailers. We bought one two days after looking and a truck a week after that. I took a job offer in Texas and we packed up our 700 Sq. ft. rental house into our trailer, truck and Camry and caravaned back to Texas. That story is for another time.

Our reasoning for the trailer was that rental prices and housing prices are high in Western Washington so if we ever wanted to buy a  house, we were going to have to reduce our costs. Plus, we have student loans. Also, the PNW was too pretty not to have a more scenic location for our home. Seven hundred square feet was  also the largest house we had lived in as a married couple, and between that and work, it was never clean enough for my liking. Plus, we figured it would be a little cheaper and a larger range of people who might be interested in it if we ever wanted to sell it versus a tiny home. 

Finding the truck and trailer was an emotional and spiritual experience. I seriously think this specific combo was meant for us. Feelings and affirmation ya know? We had an idea that we might not just be moving into our new home but also to a new state but weren’t sure yet.

Wonderfully Imperfect

It has been 10 months since the last time I’ve posted and man it has been a good 10 months. Don’t they say that the more a couple posts on social media, the less secure and healthy their relationship is? So I guess you can say that the last 10 months have been good considering my absence.

I have never been a super good blogger. It just takes too much time I suppose but because of the 3 extra likes and the 2 extra follows I got from using the #rvlife I have decided to give this another go.

It is interesting thinking about putting yourself out online or in publication (no matter how small). It takes a certain amount of guts because you’re saying “I think I have something important to say” and giving yourself that voice in a crowded space like the internet is conflicting. Conflicting due to ideas like “is it narcissistic” or “does what I have to say matter” or “why should I even do it” or “how will I be judged?”

But I think I have something to say.

In the instagram world of alternative living, I think my husband and I have a unique situation and I think its worth sharing.

It is worth sharing because we don’t live in a perfectly curated airstream or tiny home, our RV isn’t even renovated. We didn’t give up normal jobs to live full time in our RV and we are stationary the majority of the year except for a few planned trips. Our location doesn’t include incredible, jaw dropping backdrops. We didn’t perfectly plan any of this and were riding by the sit of our pants. It’s messy and imperfect but wonderfully ours.

The Next Chapter

In the next few days, Martin and I are heading back to Texas. After 13 months in the upper left, we decided to return to semi-familiar territory.

We just didn’t love it and life is too short to not do something that you love.

In response to this, we bought a truck and a travel trailer so we could downsize. WE CANNOT WAIT FOR WHAT IS IN STORE.

Now, if only, our truck would work….


Occasionally, an ordinary word you never would have thought about in any profound or deep way sticks with you. For me, it has been the word perspective and man, it is a doozie.

Perspective (n): a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view

This word has been coming up a lot lately.

This move hasn’t been the easiest, definitely not as enchanting as Texas. Martin and I have both been struggling, struggling to find the right balance, struggling to find the purpose. I think it is because I haven’t had the right perspective. I’ve been looking for instant gratification and happiness not joy. I thought a real job would bring more money for more pleasure. Rather, I just have more bills to pay and still sit at home during most of the time I am off.

I haven’t been looking at anything from God’s perspective.

During the sermon tonight, the pastor said that work in God’s eyes is to bring hope to others. Pleasure, by God’s definition, is wonderful and unexpected. We hold ourselves back from seeing things from God’s perspective because we are fearful or anxious or _______ (fill in the blank).

For me, it is fear. Fear has been a huge factor in my life for a long time, the fear of failure, the fear of injury, the fear of what others think.

I am making a choice to find my joy, in my current situation, by declaring that I am loved by my heavenly Father despite of my fear so that I may change my perspective.


I have seriously been contemplating overalls. I just have fond childhood memories of how comfy by short overalls were. Here are some that I am eyeing.

Old Navy

Free People



The Road Trip of a Lifetime

To move from Texas to Washington, we drove. We drove about 2,400 miles to get here and it took 5 days while pulling uhauls behind our cars. It was a heap of fun with a side of mushy tush. I did enjoy it but you learn a lot about the people you’re with when you spend that much time in a car with them.

This was our trip:

Waco, TX to Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO to Moab, UT

Moab, UT to Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls, ID to Spokane, WA

Spokane, WA to Marysville, WA

Talk about one long trip but an exciting trip because I had never driven to Washington. I had only flown. We saw flat plains, the Rocky Mountains, Canyons, Desert, Arches, and Farmland. Basically, everything the United States has to offer. Here are some of my favorite parts.

We stopped at Cadillac Ranch in Texas.

This canyon in Colorado was incredible. I felt like I was in the movie Avatar in real life.

We also stopped at Arches National State Park in Moab, Utah. It was really beautiful. Martin and I are talking about going back to go camping. One of the top places to visit.



Coeur D’Alene in Idaho was breath taking. We will also be back to there. Idaho in general had super nice people and I really liked staying in Idaho Falls.

Also, we really wanted to stay in Missoula, MT but it’s a mountain town and pulling the uhauls through there was not very easy. We’ll be back though!

This was truly a trip of a lifetime and I can’t wait to revisit some of these places!

Moving is Tough

Martin and I have taken the plunge and have moved to the other coast. We now reside just north of Seattle. I took a job here working for a physical therapy clinic as an athletic trainer. I am really excited about the job and the opportunities that are open to me or maybe its just the idea of a real paycheck (probably a combination of both). We’ve been here almost two weeks and sometimes it still seems like were on vacation. We love our little house. It has a few issues but it works well for us. Mathis loves his new backyard and Martin has enough space to do his drum things.

Yet for all the great things, sometimes you wonder if it was the right thing.

Those thoughts have plagued my mind ever since I took the job here. Especially, when in the middle of the empty dog park I had a break down two days after moving here. I really miss Waco, Texas, and my friends there. We’re so far from South Carolina. I felt extremely lonely and unsure. Some days I still feel that way. Moving is tough.

For all my unsure feelings, this move kinda feels meant to be.

If we stayed in Texas, I would be unemployed and Martin would had have to give up his opportunities to tour this summer. Everything has just fallen into place here. I really like the people I work with. We somehow found a house that we love over the internet and in a place where most people live in apartments. The natural beauty here is incredible. On our way here, we say multiple rainbows. The rainbow was God’s promise to Noah and somehow I feel like it was a promise to us too.

It’ll take time to find the grocery store we like to shop at, the local places we like to eat, and my new favorite running trails but there’s something special about where we are and that’s something that can’t be manufactured or imagined.


April in Review

Today has been a nearly perfect Saturday; sleeping in, visiting the farmer’s market, going to a softball game, and enjoying the pool. Today has also been a day of reflection and enjoying a few of the things Waco has to offer for the last time.

April has been a busy month. I have been finishing up work and school and job hunting. The job hunt ended successfully and in a little more than a month, Martin, Mathis and I are packing our small apartment and moving to Seattle.

Seattle from the sky. #VSCOcam #thatsdarling #thatlandscape #landscape #pnw #seattletake2 #travel

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Seattle – the land of incredible trees, amazing views, moderate weather, flying fish and tulips. We can’t be more excited!

The beauty. I'm smitten. #VSCOcam #afterlight #seattletake2 #thatsdarling #thatlandscape #travel #pnw

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May will be a little crazy but totally worth it.

Spring Ideas

The weather in Texas is crazy.

A couple of weeks ago it was 75 and gorgeous. Then, that little groundhog said more winter and BOOM! Winter came. SHEESH.

The weather can’t keep a lady down though.

In between studying for comps and working, I have found time to dream about life after March 7th. After March 7th is here, I am done with the most stressful part of the semester and I can kick back and enjoy spring break and my upcoming graduation.

Since I have had to dream from inside the library, I have scrounged up a few things to inspire me until then. Some of the things that I have been enjoying are:

Spring Shoes

I’ve always wanted a pair of Birks and now that they’re coming back around, I might just have to get some. I can always justify them by saying they are quality that will last a while right? Also, I usually think of mocs as fall shoes but these mint green ones have changed my mind! You can never have too many moccasins.


Last year was a mildy successful year with my succulent until it met its untimely doom because of Mathis. Now I’m thinking about planting a few herbs. I saw this the other day, where they planted a succulent in a used candle jar. My house might be smelling quite foresty for a few days so I can use up my large candle jar. I guess I shouldn’t hurry though since the real spring hasn’t come yet.

See you on the other side of Spring Break!