Moving is Tough

Martin and I have taken the plunge and have moved to the other coast. We now reside just north of Seattle. I took a job here working for a physical therapy clinic as an athletic trainer. I am really excited about the job and the opportunities that are open to me or maybe its just the idea of a real paycheck (probably a combination of both). We’ve been here almost two weeks and sometimes it still seems like were on vacation. We love our little house. It has a few issues but it works well for us. Mathis loves his new backyard and Martin has enough space to do his drum things.

Yet for all the great things, sometimes you wonder if it was the right thing.

Those thoughts have plagued my mind ever since I took the job here. Especially, when in the middle of the empty dog park I had a break down two days after moving here. I really miss Waco, Texas, and my friends there. We’re so far from South Carolina. I felt extremely lonely and unsure. Some days I still feel that way. Moving is tough.

For all my unsure feelings, this move kinda feels meant to be.

If we stayed in Texas, I would be unemployed and Martin would had have to give up his opportunities to tour this summer. Everything has just fallen into place here. I really like the people I work with. We somehow found a house that we love over the internet and in a place where most people live in apartments. The natural beauty here is incredible. On our way here, we say multiple rainbows. The rainbow was God’s promise to Noah and somehow I feel like it was a promise to us too.

It’ll take time to find the grocery store we like to shop at, the local places we like to eat, and my new favorite running trails but there’s something special about where we are and that’s something that can’t be manufactured or imagined.



April in Review

Today has been a nearly perfect Saturday; sleeping in, visiting the farmer’s market, going to a softball game, and enjoying the pool. Today has also been a day of reflection and enjoying a few of the things Waco has to offer for the last time.

April has been a busy month. I have been finishing up work and school and job hunting. The job hunt ended successfully and in a little more than a month, Martin, Mathis and I are packing our small apartment and moving to Seattle.

Seattle – the land of incredible trees, amazing views, moderate weather, flying fish and tulips. We can’t be more excited!

May will be a little crazy but totally worth it.

Spring Ideas

The weather in Texas is crazy.

A couple of weeks ago it was 75 and gorgeous. Then, that little groundhog said more winter and BOOM! Winter came. SHEESH.

The weather can’t keep a lady down though.

In between studying for comps and working, I have found time to dream about life after March 7th. After March 7th is here, I am done with the most stressful part of the semester and I can kick back and enjoy spring break and my upcoming graduation.

Since I have had to dream from inside the library, I have scrounged up a few things to inspire me until then. Some of the things that I have been enjoying are:

Spring Shoes

I’ve always wanted a pair of Birks and now that they’re coming back around, I might just have to get some. I can always justify them by saying they are quality that will last a while right? Also, I usually think of mocs as fall shoes but these mint green ones have changed my mind! You can never have too many moccasins.


Last year was a mildy successful year with my succulent until it met its untimely doom because of Mathis. Now I’m thinking about planting a few herbs. I saw this the other day, where they planted a succulent in a used candle jar. My house might be smelling quite foresty for a few days so I can use up my large candle jar. I guess I shouldn’t hurry though since the real spring hasn’t come yet.

See you on the other side of Spring Break!

Happy Valentines!

I don’t usually care about Valentine’s Day. Why? Maybe it stems from elementary school or something. I’m not really sure.

This Valentine’s week was extra special though. Last week, I got two cards in the mail. One from my mom with a gift card to Chili’s in it (thanks Mom!) and one from my sisters (thanks Sisters!). Then, on Tuesday, I won a giveaway on instagram (more on that later). Then, today, Martin took me to see the movie, Kingsman. It was really good. It’s worth seeing in theaters; I would suggest you go see it. He also bought me white roses, wine, and those iced sugar cookies that everyone hates to love. Those three things every woman needs in her life. My husband does such a good job. Right now, Martin has a cake cooking in the oven. My gift to him. Mathis even got to see his gf, Cressi, at the dog park today. I would say it has been a good Valentine’s this year.

Now to what I won…

As many of you know there are constant giveaways on instagram and luckily this week I won one! Needless to say, I was super pumped! It was a collaboration giveaway by these two sisters that I know back home, Casey Skinner and Lauren Burner. Recently, they opened Etsy shops. I was lucky enough to win two of Lauren’s crocheted mug cozies and and two “You’re my lobster” prints from Casey’s store. The phrase “you’re my lobster” is from a Friends episode. You know, Phoebe is always giving sound advice in her own kooky way.


I love both things!! They are super cute and really good quality. I got two of each. I’m going to keep one set to myself but I’m going to be giving the other items away as belated V-day gifts. I will definitely be purchasing things from these shops again. Not only are the sisters darling but they have some really great things. I already have my eyes on a few things…

If you want to visit their shops, you can find them on Etsy. Casey’s shop is Love Me Sweet and Lauren’s is Shop Lauren D Burner. They also have instagram pages. Maybe you could win the next great thing from these lovely sisters!

Psalm 128:1-4

They have greatly oppressed me from my youth –
Let Israel say-

They have greatly oppressed me from my youth,
but they have not gained the victory over me.

Plowmen have plowed my back and made their furrows long.

But the Lord is righteous; he has cut me free from the cords of the wicked.

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DIY Weekend

Yesterday, Martin and I rearranged our living room. We were inspired by my homemade blueberry muffins, the warmer weather, and Martin’s need to make room for his new studio equipment. We live in a one bedroom apartment so the living room has many functions that now includes a recording studio. We moved the place where we usually keep the dog’s leash and other knick knacks. I felt like I had to travel too far to get the pup’s lease so I decided we needed a coat rack. We had tried the 3M hooks without much luck and we had a bunch of pallet wood lying around. Plus, I thought to buy one would be just as expensive as making one. So instead of going to church, I went to the home improvement store and bought supplies. Here is the finished product.

I had:
Pallet wood
Sawtooth picture hangers

I bought:
A sample of paint (I choose a minty blue)
Three hooks
A medium grit sandpaper block
A paint brush

Then I went home and got to work. I cut the board to 18″. I chose to leave the sides not completely straight. I sanded it. Then, painted the front and four sides; I didn’t bother with the back. I went to dinner and let it dry. I figured out where I wanted the hooks and pre-drilled holes. Then, I screwed the hooks in. I used a smaller screw then what came with the hooks because the other ones were too long. Use what works best for you. Finally, I nailed in the picture hangers on the back and put it on the wall. Super easy and it didn’t take too long at all. What did you do this weekend?


First Anniversary

I was going to clump this into the previous post but I decided that Martin was special enough to get his own post.

While we were in SC, we celebrated our first anniversary. We didn’t do anything fancy. In fact, on the actual day we traveled to go see his family but we did get dressed up and went to Ru San’s in Charlotte and had amazing sushi and enjoyed a few moments to ourselves.

For those who haven’t seen them, I love our pictures. I feel like I should share some of my favorites.





I couldn’t be happier marrying this man. He is my best friend and favorite person. I look forward to many more years with him. I can say that my first year of marriage has been magical, wonderful, and filled with love. I can’t wait for more adventures.

You can see the post written right after the ceremony here.

As the Whirlwind Subsides

WHEW! That was a busy month and a half.

For those who were wondering, my Thanksgiving meal was wonderful if i do say so myself. I did learn a few lessons about cooking for Thanksgiving. 1: The dressing was dry. It needed more broth or something. 2: Pumpkin pies take forever to cook.

Martin and I loaded up the pup and drove Christmas Eve night to SC following his church services. The drive was long but we made it in time to eat a delicious Christmas dinner with my folks and open presents on Christmas day. This year was the first year we hadn’t spent Christmas morning at our respected parents’ homes but I think it worked out the way we did it. I was thankful that my siblings were patient enough to wait until 7 pm to open their presents with us. It made the transition a little easier. We gallivanted around the state a few times to more family and friends then packed and headed by to Texas.The drive back seemed a little longer because we didn’t have delicious food, good company, and presents waiting for us. We’re back in town settling back into our routine.

Unfortunately, even though we went half-way across the country for Christmas, I’m itching for a new adventure. We’ll have to see what the husband and I can cook up before Spring because I don’t know if I can wait that long. Also, maybe just finding a new recipe would also help my need to do something different and let  me make it to Spring when we can go camping again and not freeze.

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The Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and I am excited! The wintery weather here lately helps too. Although the pup doesn’t like it because he goes on like negative walks now because I don’t want to brave it more than I have to.

Well since the holiday season is upon us, I have started to plan what I’m going to cook for Thanksgiving and what I am going to buy for Christmas (also what I want) and it got me thinking about how materialistic the holidays make me.

This past summer I went back to SC for about a month a half. I flew southwest which gives you two free checked bags. I was able to bring a good amount of clothes but definitely a fraction of my normal closet. During this time, I realized how little I really needed to function on a day-to-day basis and never grow tired of wearing what I had. Granted I did get a few new pieces while I was there but nevertheless, I realized how much STUFF I had, not necessarily junk or bad clothes just STUFF. When I returned to TX, I silently vowed to lessen my wardrobe and try and not buy frivolous stuff. Getting rid of a few things and not buying anything unnecessary was pretty easy from August till about October then we went shopping for Martin’s birthday present and that all changed.

(Confession) I really like getting presents and I really like giving presents but I really like getting them.

So since I’ve set foot back into a mall, my stifled materialistic side has re-blossomed and it’s painful. I started writing my Christmas list before Thanksgiving (which I try not to do; one holiday at a time people) and I’ve started scouring the internet not for recipes or money saving tips, but for things that would make a basic girl giggle with glee. I have become ashamed. Therefore, I am not silently vowing this time but making a verbal (technically, a written??) proclamation that this year…

I will focus on being grateful.

I will focus on giving not getting.

This is my holiday vow.